Friday, 6 May 2016

Kids, dogs and books

I have DGD5 here, she is Lizzie's daughter, she was tired when I collected her from school, so we had tea and she was in bed and asleep before 7, no doubt she'll be up by 5am tomorrow.
Helen has just dropped her dogs off with me, she is having a birthday party for the twins tomorrow and will have 10 two year olds there along with her own pair.
Both the dogs are good with children, but some children might be frightened by them so they have come to me until tomorrow evening.
One of the dogs, the Lurcher has settled and is almost asleep, the other one, the Staffy, is still fretting, so he is now sat on my knee, all 9 stone of him.
Hubby has also gone to bed, he is taking strong painkillers and they are making him feel ill.
I'm sat watching a program about Elton John, I saw him live quite a few times at the Colston Hall in Bristol in the early '70's.
After one concert, I went to work the next day and someone said 'You do know he's gay?'
I replied 'I'm going to watch him sing, I'm not watching him have sex so what difference does it make!'
This afternoon I started packing books, boxes and boxes of books, they won't sell so they are off to the charity shop, I'll probably divide them between the three local shops as there are so many of them.


kelley said...

too funny about Elton John...someone said the same thing to me about Freddie Mercury...who cares... I love the voice and the performance...have fun with your DGD and dogs...

Mrs G said...

Try for the books - and you can get cashback from Quidco too. They won't take many, in all likelihood, but every little helps. If you have a smart phone it's really easy to do - otherwise it's a bit tedious :( Then all unwanted ones can go to CS :)

galant said...

Kelley, re: Freddie Mercury, I didn't know who he was ... until he died and he was splashed (in a manner of speaking) all over the papers and in the news. In my office I asked the others there who he was and all I received were gales of laughter and "You don't know who Freddie Mercury is?" and more laughter. But I'll bet they hadn't heard of Faure or Berlioz either!
Margaret P

Sue in Suffolk said...

Wish I could come and search through your books.

Hard up Hester said...

Sue, what sort of books do you like, I can list any that you might like.


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