Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sodding technology 2

I was online yesterday evening, listing items for sale on gumtree and facebook when all of a sudden I lost my internet connection.
I waited a few minutes and then tried again, still nothing.
I checked my settings, I called through to my L&M who was in the same room as the router and asked him to press the reset button on it, he did so.
Still nothing, I checked and rechecked everything I could think of, still nothing.
I turned my laptop off and watched TV for a while and did some crochet for an hour or so.
Eventually I turned my laptop back on, still nothing, by now my beloved had gone to bed.
I looked at the router, no lights, nothing!
My beloved had been having problems with the printer, so he's turned the power of on the wall.
He turned both sockets off on the wall!
One of them was powering the router!
So although he'd pressed the reset button on the router when I'd asked him to, he hadn't noticed that there were no lights on it as HE'D TURNED THE BLOODY THING OFF ON THE WALL!!!


Sheila said...!!!

galant said...

My dear husband has a habit of switching the TV and the Talk Talk box (through which I can record programmes) off at the mains a night and often will do this when I'm recording something, even though I've mentioned "don't switch it off until 11 pm, I'm recording so-and-so ..." It's just habit, I suppose ... And it is a very good idea to switch all electrical appliances off at the wall socket at night.
Margaret P

Sue in Suffolk said...

You know what they say.........If you want something done, do it yourself!

cheryl soergel said...

My dh wouldn't even know how to reset the router so your L&M is years ahead of mine. Cheryl

Hard up Hester said...

Cheryl, our router has a button on the top marked RESET, lol.

Lyssa Medana said...

Apocryphal, via uncle, but years ago there was a Very Important Backup that started in an office every evening at 5pm. It was really important as this was a low level government office - Job Centre type level, but an office. Every evening the back up started prompt at 5pm and every evening it went off @ 6.15pm. Many men with pocket protectors and humorous ties came and did serious checks to all the systems and no-one could work out what it was.

They found out the cause eventually, after a lot of man hours. When the cleaner came in at six they unplugged the computer to plug in the vacuum cleaner.

It may be apocryphal, but it's desperately plausible. x

saraband said...

When I worked at an office in the early 80s, the back-up disks were the size and shape of a dustbin lid. How technology has advanced!

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