Wednesday, 4 May 2016

It never rains but it pours

I was rudely awakened at 4am this morning by my beloved L&M screaming and wailing.
As this racket was accompanied by a very energetic war dance being performed at the end of the bed.
I surmised correctly that my beloved was suffering from cramp in his leg.
He soon got back into bed and started to snore gently, I, meanwhile was wide awake, so I came downstairs to browse online for a while.
I returned to bed eventually to find the my L&M had woken again in pain, this time in his thumb, more of that shortly.
In attempt to reach the painkillers that he needed my L&M had managed to tip my glass of water, a full pint glass no less all over my side of the bed, soaking both mattress and duvet.
I decided against getting back into bed!
After I'd gone to work, my beloved took himself off to the walk in clinic, they sent him to A&E.
It seems he managed to break a bone in his thumb during his war dance.


galant said...

This would be funny if it weren't so painful for your L&M!!! Oh, poor chap, and poor you with a soaking bed! Cramp is awful, a really nasty pain and then to break a bone in his thumb ... a case of adding insult to injury!
Margaret P

Linda Metcalf said...

Oh no...There will be "things" you will have to do for him now! :)

Hard up Hester said...

Yep, putting on his socks and tying his shoe laces!

homefire said...

Oh dear! What a night you had! Tonic water has quinine and will eliminate painful leg cramps. Non-alcoholic and cheap, a small glass a night should do the trick .

Hard up Hester said...

I think a pillow pressed firmly over his face may have the same effect.

Anonymous said...

Tonic water can help but he might also be low in magnesium - see if he has other symptoms.

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