Sunday, 8 May 2016

More books and bits and bobs

All these are off to the charity shop unless someone wants them.
Two rag wreaths
Hand made Friendship wall hanging.


Lyssa Medana said...

You have awesome taste in books, I wish I could indulge, but daren't.

You may like this Keep an eye on the church letter of the week. It changes every refresh, and some are awesome (and generated). Hugs x

Sue in Suffolk said...

seems we have the same cookery books! I have all those except 4.
Did anyone bag the Spud and Spam WWII food book yesterday

Hard up Hester said...

Yes Sue, sorry that one has gone now.

Marybelle said...

Oooh, I would love to buy the Goode books and the Pauper's one. How do I go about it, please (pretty please!)?

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Marybelle, email me your address and I'll put them in post to you
my email is

Carol said...

Hi, I wonder if it's possible to have the "feed your family for £1 a day book?

Hard up Hester said...

carol, email me your address and I'll pop it in the post to you.

galant said...

Hard up Hester, I forgot to ask ... how is your husband's broken thumb? And has your bed dried out yet!
No, I don't think 6 is particularly high for the cholesterol reading (mine as I say is 6.2), but much depends also on weight and age. I was told that I am a bit overweight and, "for my age" (which is so insulting, yes I'm getting on a bit ... but then we all are in the fullness of time!) the reading needs to be below 5.
I think much depends on your GP these days. A friend's GP doesn't hand out statins like Smarties. But we can only do what we feel is right and if we trust our GPs, to take their advice. However ... there's always a "however" with me ... we are the people who know our own bodies the best. We've lived in them a very long time (as with me a very, very long time!) and if we feel we can keep our weight down, exercise, and eat the 'right' foods all the time, then perhaps we don't need statins as much as lumps of lard who guzzle cream cakes each and every day. I am half way between being sensible and now and again have an indulgence.
Margaret P

galant said...

PS This comment (above) should've been on the next post, sorry!
Margaret P

Marybelle said...

Thank you very much, Hester. Postman just delivered the books. I have sent you an email.

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