Monday, 9 May 2016

Well bugger me sideways

Another Dr's appointment today, this time to discuss the results of my last set of tests!

Well it seems I am no longer diabetic, my readings haven't changed, they have never been high enough for me to even be prediabetic.

I have been having this argument for best part of a year so far.

Unfortunately the Dr feels he cannot 'un-diagnose' me.

I have another appointment next week and the week after and the week after.

I will continue to visit until the Dr changes his mind and does 'un-diagnose' me.

He then changed tack and started to explain my 'exceptionally high' cholesterol.

It's 6, it should be 5 or under, 6 is not exceptionally high and so I refused the offer of statins.

What a waste of time and resources!


TrishWish said...

Weird? Exactly the same thing happened to our neighbour a few months ago. It was at a time of high stress and no wonder his "systems" were all over the place. As for the statins - that happened to me a few years ago and I refused the silly pills and no one has commented on it again. Is this a case of the surgery setting targets to diagnose a set number of people each month against each possible long term need for their services and medicines? Or am I just a cynic?

Rambler said...

I am a cynic! I was diagnosed as diabetic 3 weeks ago - no warning, no previous high blood sugar figures. I came home and Googled and eventually found that a doctor gets a certain amount of money annually for each patient . . . but that increases by half for each diabetic patient. Cynical? Me?
Since my 'diagnosis' I have changed my way of eating, cutting down a lot on carbohydrates and increasing my fat intake, in an attempt to lose weight and reverse the diabetes diagnosis. I have lost 9lbs so far :) and am enjoying the different meals.
Tomorrow I have an appointment for 'a chat' with the Diabetes specialist nurse - that should be interesting. Cynical me is now waiting to be told that my cholesterol level is sky-high!

Anonymous said...

Hester, I had my annual blood tests recently, and the GP called me in.

My kidney function wss low and he thought I had stage 4 kidney disease. I wanted to know what had happened during stages 1, 2 and 3 because I was blissfully unaware of these.

Needleess to say I had to fill a couple of bottles with wee, another blood test, he then decided I may have an infection. A call from the surgery, you have a slight infection and we have sent a prescription to the chemist for you.

Took the antibacterial tabs, they gave me a mouth full of ulcers, but he has still referred me to a Consultant.

I explained how ill my Husband had been, and how i thought it was my body reacting to the trauma, but no I still had the appointment come through the post.

The GP told me how well I looked, and I told him I felt better than I had for a long time, can you imagine how much this is costing in time and testing of bloods and urine

Believe me, I understand how you feel

Marie xx

galant said...

My husband was told about three years ago he was diabetic after being pre-diabetic for a few years, but he's had several blood tests and is not now diabetic and isn't on any treatment, so makes you wonder about all these people who are supposed to now be Type 2 diabetic, doesn't it?
As far as statins are concerned, mine is just 6.2 and I've agreed to take a low-dose statin, of 20mgs per day and then get a further blood test in 3 months time. We have a lot fat, low sugar diet for 90% of the time, with just a few little indulgences now and again, i.e. a bar of chocolate once a week between the two of us, not one every day each. That's hardly eating a lot of fat or sugar, is it?
Margaret P

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

This is one of my "hobby horses" at the moment. I know so many people who are taking statins "as a precaution", are told they are "Pre-diabetic" and that their BP is "up a little" and are limiting their diet in so many ways.So much of it is unnecessary and ... boring!

Jacqui Fenner-Dixon said...

You have just described my circumstances to a t with regard to diabetes and high cholesterol. I refused statins initially, but relented and tried them. Aching joints, lethargy, literally no strength in my hands. Two weeks after coming off them, I was completely back to normal. I am also no longer classed as diabetic, but can't be un-diagnosed.

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