Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Play nicely children

It is always difficult online, you cannot see people's expression and posts and comments can be misconstrued.

Margaret has contacted me privately and sent me some invaluable advice with regards to my move, I think the fact that we email means that other readers are only seeing half of our conversations.

Margaret, eyelash wool is wool that looks like a long string of eyelashes, it knits up to a very fluffy texture, eyelash scarves were very popular a few years ago and knitted a couple of hundred over the years. I sold them to pay for Christmas when times were hard. If you google it you will see photo's of it.

As for the wine coolers, well I can understand the confusion since I don't drink wine.

I can't remember how much I've posted on my blog about my divorce and the reasons behind it.

My ex husband became addicted to Internet porn
As I aged I was unable to see well enough to continue to do the fine soldering work needed in our business.
My ex then decided that the only way I could make up for this was to go swinging (wife swapping) with him.
He'd spent a year trying to break into the scene with no success. I was not enthusiastic but when he started being unkind to our children including accidentally on purpose breaking our oldest son's nose I reluctantly agreed.
Unfortunately it was not a success for him but we did attend a couple of parties. This gave me the idea of running our own parties, it gave him a larger pool of people to meet and meant I became too busy hosting to have sex with anybody.
Because of the parties we had about a dozen wine coolers, when I walked out of my marriage (the week after my youngest child left home) I left with a few clothes and nothing else.
Not long after he remarried my ex sent me all the wine coolers via one of our children, I've gradually been throwing/giving them away ever since.


Patti said...

I second the comment I made on a previous blog post. You are a saint. God bless you.

galant said...

Yes, as Patti say, God bless you (even though I'm not religious, I mean it in the nicest of ways.) What a dreadful time you experienced, I can't begin to imagine the horrors you have suffered. So glad you have survived all this, and are still surviving your latest problems with debt and doing all you can to become financially secure. I send you my warmest wishes, Sue, and thank you for being so open on your blog about your situation. It makes for better understanding all round. And now let's hope someone will buy those wine coolers and rid you of the unhappy associations with them.
Margaret P

kate steeper said...

nearly choaked on my cup of tea...its great to know we had equally gruesome partners that we are well rid of

Frugal in Bucks said...

I had just read about someone making a pie.......then I got to yours. X

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