Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dairy of the weekend babysit Friday night

I collected DD and the three DGD after work on Friday, DGS walked to my house and was sat on the doorstep when we arrived.
DD set up the travel cot for me and then caught the bus home.
I made tea for the kids, smothered chicken with jacket potatoes then they played for a while. I'd bought some water balloons and sent them in to the garden to get soaked. They had a great time and once they came in I started bed time.
Unfortunately the littlest DGD Suzy hadn't got the memo that said she normally went to bed at 6 and she created big time. She is 20 months and has started the Terrible Twos, I'll list some of the things she threw a strop over later on.
I gave up on Suzy and put Eileen to bed and she went to sleep straight after a story, Norah followed next and also went straight to sleep.
So now it's 9 o'clock and Suzy is still refusing to settle so I sent DGS to bed, he also went straight to sleep.
Suzy finally settled just after 10 o'clock so I went to bed too.
At 1 am Suzy woke up and was most displeased to find her self at my house, she threw a strop of almighty proportions. I tried her in my bed, in her cot, with a drink, all to no avail and eventually her yelling woke Eileen and Norah, DGS slept on oblivious, eventually the two older ones went back to bed I came downstairs with Suzy, having had about three hours sleep. So I got four loads of washing done and on the line and even paid the milkman when he arrived at 4am, he was most surprised to see me on the doorstep at that time in the morning.

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