Thursday, 7 July 2016

Love is blind, now it makes sense

But lust is just plain stupid!

This is an observation from the workplace and nothing to do with me or my family.

I witnessed some strange and silly behaviour by colleague A whenever colleague B  was around

Colleague A is married to colleague C.

Colleague B is married to colleague D.

One evening when collecting my L&M from work we were delayed as there were two cars still in the car park at locking up time and two staff members still logged as being in the building.

My L&M was unable to locate anyone in the offices where they were supposed to be, they also didn't show up on the CCTV.

When I asked who he was looking for he explained it was colleague s A & B, I suggested he looked in places where there was no CCTV.

And there they were, hidden away in a dark corner!

We break up soon, I hope this gives both parties time to cool their ardour before the shit hits the fan as they have four small children between them.


keth said...

Um... is person C married to two different people?

lynda said...

You lost me! C is married to two people?

Mac n' Janet said...

That confused me too.

Mrs G said...

A is married to C. B is married to D. A & B work together and were the 'missing' 2.

crafty cat corner said...


lynda said...

When I taught school there was at least two teachers having an affair with each other....seemed to be the same married man each time.....he ended up divorcing the wife after about 25 years of this and marrying one of the English teachers...even the students noticed and made comments to the rest of us.....