Sunday, 24 July 2016

Writing practice

I write every day, sometimes a blog post, sometimes a short story sometime another episode of a serial I'm working on.

Sometimes something pops into my head so I write it down, but then I find I just can't take it any further.

This is one of those snippets.

She paused opposite the grand entrance to the hotel, she would walk through the doors soon but for now she paused, not because she was intimidated by the hotel, no. She just wanted to run through the instructions the agency had forwarded from the new client.

Hotel guests all know that the concierge will be able to provide them with a hooker, but for those with more unusual tastes the concierge will contact the agency.

She checked her suitcase, no handcuffs, whips or nipple clamps this time, just a tea strainer, wellington boots and tube of Deep Heat. Oh well what ever floats your boat, she thought.


keth said...

I would pay a great deal of money (that I don't have) to be a fly on the wall of the room in your writer's circle if you read that one out to them for critique... :D

Hard up Hester said...

Keth, I think they'd have kittens, I only read out my polite stories at writers circle.

Sarah Head said...

Great to know you're writing every day. It's not something I am good at. I try to produce something for both my writing groups every week and blog posts when feeling inspired. I know my small group would love your introduction. They would probably suggest you break the first paragraph into short sentences to give a greater sense of immediacy and make the second paragraph past tense rather than present. The third para is great fun and leaves everyone wondering what happens next. If you had read that to us, I would be asking you whether she wonders who the client will be? Male or female? What might s/he look like? Smell like? What age will they be? Will they be nervous? She seems very calm, how will she put them at ease? Does the agency provide any other services? I can just imagine the comedy element if they provide cleaners or educationalists and one gets sent to the wrong address! One of my friends is writing about an agency which fronts as a CV writing establishment helping people get interviews but is actually provides assassins on the side. The owner has a Polish cleaner whose daughter is a hooker. It's great fun. Usually if you get writers block, it means you aren't sufficiently excited by your original concept, so the solution is to discover what would have to happen to make it more interesting or make you more interested in it. Can a carrier pigeon swoop down and steal the piece of paper from her? What would she do next? What if she's really a policewoman from the vice sqaud in disguise who's mooonlighting with the agency and she's just about to make a sting or her colleagues are about to arrest her? The possibilities are endless. Good luck!

keth said...

Aww Hester... spoilsport! ;)

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