Saturday, 30 July 2016

Shattered peace

After a mad flurry of grandchildren and visitors, housework and cat feeding, I decided to have a peaceful sit in the garden and listen to the birdsong.

It was not to be, I'd only been out there for 5 minutes when the peace was shattered.

Firstly by shouting, screaming and foul language, then the cacophony was added to by barking dogs.

Before long I heard the familiar noise of a police siren.

I gave up and came inside!

It was the usual suspects the two mad lesbians and their two fat dogs, or is it two fat lesbians and two mad dogs.

The descriptions it either way, they are well known to the police and as their fight always involve weapons, knives etc. the police tend to arrive pretty smartly.

I think the local police probably have it marked on  a calendar somewhere.

Something along the lines of 'Last weekend of every 2nd month there will be a punch up  at this address'.

Oh well, it may have spoilt my afternoon relaxation, but at least we weren't woken in the middle of the night this time.


Lyssa Medana said...

We used to have similar neighbours, starting @ 10.30 every Friday and working their way up to GBH @ midnight. We didn't bother putting anything on tv on Fridays, we would never hear the end of any film or programme. Still, it was better than 3am Tammy Wynette. x

TrishWish said...

Do they suffer from joint PMS each month? The police should send them a bill for each call out!

crafty cat corner said...

we live above a couple who have been rowing and fighting for over 30 years, he is in his late 70's and she erupts every time she has a drink. The former neighbours next door called the police but nothing was done as when they (downstairs) come to the door they are all sweet and light.
What is the most annoying thing is that all the people up and down the street think that they are lovely people as they are not aware of what goes on behind closed doors, only we and the immediate neighbours know and can hear.
We've learned to live with it now and the alterntive of young people playing loud music day and night would be worse, better the devil you know.....

galant said...

I often think that water canon might be a seriously good option for the police, just like you'd chuck a bucket of water over fighting tom cats.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

Ye gods Lyssa, anything is better than Tammy at 3am.

Trish, I have no idea what sets them off, but you could be right.

CCC, This is one of the things I dreading when we move is noisy neighbours.

Margaret, a water cannon sounds like a good plan.

Lyssa Medana said...

Even better, we once had 'Half Way to Paradise' at 6am, 150 decibels. The walls were shaking. I thought that they were only half way to paradise at 6am then they were doing it wrong.

Hard up Hester said...

Oh Lyssa that is so funny, though I'm sure it wasn't at the time.

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