Sunday, 31 July 2016

A conversation

Him 'Why have you bought paint stripper?'

Me 'To get the paint off the glass panels in the door'

Him 'What a waste of money, you should use a spot chaser'

Me 'I tried a spot chaser but the glass is textured so it doesn't work'

Him ' Of course the spot chaser will work, look!'

Picks up the spot chaser and attacks the door for about 15 minutes to no avail.

Him 'Be careful with the paint stripper, don't forget to use gloves'


Margie from Toronto said...

How do you restrain yourself some days! :-)

John Gray said...

Take a deep breath

Hard up Hester said...

He painted the doors upstairs in the time it took me to clean 2 glass panels, there are 30 to do!!!

galant said...

I've never heard of spot chaser - but then, my 'staff' does the painting and decorating, har, har!
Margaret P

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