Monday, 4 July 2016

From school to school

Today I rushed out of the school where I work and drove to the DGC's school as it was sports day.

I got there in time to see them run in their races and then they had a water fight. It is a regular thing the water fight as all the kids had towels with them.

They were delighted to see me so I was glad I'd made it on time.

I took them chocolate, so they were even more pleased to see me.

I had a chat with DD and the kids and a cuddle with the twins, who also liked the chocolate!

Then I came home had a snack, vacuumed out the cupboard under the stairs that I emptied yesterday and started another crochet blanket.

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Anonymous said...

I think you need to get a notebook and write down all of the things you do for your children and grandchildren. The next time you see the social worker you have some proof that you go above and beyond the all of duty as a mom and a grandmother (wife too).
Then box up the big steaming pile with a pretty ribbon and give it to the social worker.

As we say in USA, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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