Monday, 25 July 2016

It wasn't meant to be

I had hoped/intended to have  lie in the morning but it wasn't meant to be.

First my L&M's alarm went off as he forgot to change the time.

I restrained myself from braining him and turned over hoping to get back to sleep.

The home phone rang, so I leapt (staggered) out of bed, downstairs and answered the phone.

The lady caller asked for my L&M by name, I asked who was calling as I didn't want to wake him for a sales call.

She replied 'It's Mandy, I'm phoning to tell him his overalls are hanging on the fence at work, the supermarket fence'.

I explained that my L&M doesn't wear overalls and doesn't work at a supermarket.

'Oh' she replied 'Is that Mavis?'

Nope, my name isn't Mavis, she apologised profusely and hung up, I put the kettle on, I'm not getting back to sleep now that's for certain.

This isn't the first time this lady has phoned and asked to speak to hubby, and always early in the morning!


Margie from Toronto said...

Do you think it's someone you know who is trying to wind you up?

How wonderful to have your retirement date decided upon. I max out all my tiny pensions at 67 so won't be leaving before then (barring a lottery win)! :-)

Hard up Hester said...

Margie, Mine started when I was 61 and 6 months, that's when I reduced my hours

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