Sunday, 14 May 2017

A little piece of heaven.

The last couple of weekends the weather has been ideal for working on the boat as it has been overcast but dry. 
Last night we had torrential rain, it hammered on the roof of the boat.
This morning, glorious sunshine so I was able to take some photo's of our home marina.
We took the boat across for a pump out, there was a widebeam already there so we breasted up against another boat until the area was clear.


markdebby said...

IT looks a very busy Marina. Can you tell me again the name of it.
Are you getting the feel of what it's going to be like full time?

Chris said...

Looks wonderful, we have at last arrived in Suffolk and it is heaven!

Hard up Hester said...

Markdebby, there are quite a few boats, but it's very quiet there. The name is changing in a couple of weeks, I'll keep you updated.

galant said...

What a lovely place to live! And yes, the weather has been jolly boating weather!
Margaret P


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