Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A time of adjustment

We are getting used to spending more time on the boat but I have taken the wooden rolling pin back to the house. That way I'm not tempted to brain Captain Hot Stuff!

He will keep reminding me that I need to be more tidy, as I clear away the milk and margarine he left on the side, hang up his hat and clear away his paint brushes.

This morning I set the washing machine going and tripped the electrics on the boat, I'm not sure why, maybe I can't use the machine on Wednesday's.

On Tuesday I set off for work only to find the Marina gate locked, I had to walk back to the boat to collect the key. The gate should be open from 6am but actually the first person to leave in the morning opens it. I made it to work in 16 minutes, it usually takes me 30!

Once at work a worried colleague asked how we'd managed at the weekend, I said we'd been fine. 'But it rained' she said 'did  you have to go to your house?' I assured her that the boat was ok in the rain and hadn't melted. Mind you I didn't tell her that I'd been stood in the rain holding an umbrella over part of the roof that Captain Hot Stuff had just finished painting when it started raining.

We have ordered the solar panels they are being fitted in June hence the need to get the roof painted.

Dd1 has made a start on selling the contents of my house, very kind of her but unfortunately she forgot to tell me that my stuff was being listed and it was a mad rush to get photos and measurements to her at the same time as collecting two dgd's from two schools and getting them to dance class.


Margie from Toronto said...

Are you never tempted to just leave everything and when he hits the roof point out that it all belongs to him!

Anonymous said...

My husband is a bit like that, he will NEVER put things away! He has started wiping the dishes after washing up and instead of putting the things where they belong ie cupboards and drawers he just leaves them on top of the counter, I presume for me to put away. Nor will he put things back against the wall ie tea, coffe, sugar canisters, or anything else, he leaves them a few inches out. He is so good in many other ways, but it drives me mad.

Joan (Wales)

Sals View said...

My husband has just retired and I'm having to bite my tongue. For 45 years the oven shelves have been "upside down NOT" and he puts them how he thinks they should be and I change them back. He's become a frigging expert on all things domestic. I'm going to brain the b*gger before much longer. Good luck with captain hotstuff, nudge him into the cut if he gets too annoying.

galant said...

How funny that someone thinks your boat can't survive rain (or perhaps she means that you can't!) when it sits in water!
My husband's latest is that he leaves drawers and cupboard doors open. No idea why. He never used to do this. Sometimes they are almost closed but not quite. And why, when they offer to wash up or clear up and load the dishwasher you can always go into the kitchen and something, I don't know what it could be, will always have been left, whether it's a grill pan because he's not opened the grill to check, or the bread board, or the coffee pot, but there will be something that needs attention. Everything else will be fine, but I can go there an immediately see that something hasn't been done. I don't moan because he has been kind enough to do the bulk of the work, but perhaps men just don't notice everything as we do?
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

I recognise my DH in everyone of these comments!
Helen in France


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