Sunday, 21 May 2017

Fecking idiots

I have items listed on eBay, one of these items is a fish tank, minus the fish obviously.

Someone has messaged me telling me that I have listed the item incorrectly!

Well it's my bloody fish tank so I think I know how big it is.

But he/she informed me that I'd made a mistake.

I replied saying that fish tanks are deceptive and hold more water that you'd think.

I have now received emails telling me I'm stupid, yada, yada.

I have reported the idiot to EBay, somehow I  don't think they will be winning the tank.


justjill said...

Unbelievable!! Where do these people come from?

Hard up Hester said...

Someone else has asked me 17 separate questions about the tank but hasn't placed a bid!

Sally Fletcher said...


Sally Fletcher said...


galant said...

Maybe they are little people who want to use it as an indoor pool?
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