Saturday, 27 May 2017

Eileen to the rescue

Eileen and I were walking round the marina today we were going to throw some rubbish in the skip.

Eileen pointed to one of cars in the car park and said 'that lady is screaming help'.

We walked over to the car, she had been locked in it for an hour and it was hot and sunny.

I tried the doors but they were locked.

'Can you find my husband, he's on a boat, he has the key's.

She didn't know the name of the boat but I recognised her husband from her description.

I ran to find him and he released her from the car.

He had the central locking remote in his pocket and must have pressed it by accident, locking her in.

She came to our boat for a cool drink to recover.

We exchanged names and phone numbers, so she can come over to our boat if she's here again.

After she left  Eileen asked what the ladies name was and I told her Wendy.
She then asked what Wendy's husband's name was.

Captain Hot Stuff said 'Mud!'


Winters End Rambler said...

What a horrible experience for the poor lady...well done Eileen for noticing. x

Angela said...

It has been frightfully hot this week. What a blessing you 2 were there to rescue her.

markdebby said...

Well done Eileen. Is Captain HS happy in his new home? Will u both retire in October?

ALT57 said...

I cant believe her husband did not check to see where she was for an hour if he had left her getting out of the car?. There is a button on the dashboard of our car that allows you to lock the doors when you are in it and unlock them also.

She needs to check this in future so that it does not happen again.

It does not bear thinking about what would have happened if it had been any hotter.

galant said...

This clearly demonstrates how dangerous central locking systems are. How frightening to have been locked into a car like that and on a hot day. Thank goodness you saw her and were able to do help her.
Margaret P

justjill said...

I think all cars with such a locking system have a button to press. Hey ho. Glad you came to the rescue and I agree with Captain HS - Mud right on the button, tho it was his finger.

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