Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Still sorting and decluttering

I have filled my bin and that of a neighbour who is away (I have her permission to use her bin).

I am taking 2 or 3 bags to various charity shops every day.

I approached my Local Project Linus about my many crochet blankets, they aren't interested as they only accept quilts, fortunately the Basingstoke group will take my blankets.

I have made the grand sum of £8.50 on Music Magpie, and donated the rest of the CD to a charity.

I need to photograph and list two more items on Ebay.

I am sending my needle-felting supplies to an MSE'r who has been very kind to me.

I have sorted my yarn and given some away, I may give more away, I just need to see how much I can smuggle aboard the boat.

DS has collected the TV, DD1 is collecting the radio, scales, rug, mirror, baskets and door hangers.

DD2 is collecting the kitchen sundries.


galant said...

It must be really refreshing to part with your worldly goods, but do keep some things to do on the boat, wouldn't want you getting bored, ha ha! (Fat chance with work still to go to!)
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit sad to hear that you are giving up everything, Heater. I know that you have little space in your new home, but even though its been a long term dream of yours and CHS, you will need some ways of distracting yourself during the autumn and winter months when you will / may be stuck on the boat for days!

Whatever you choose to do though I wish you well. Have lurked a lot and found your exploits at work and living entertaining. You deserve some time to do what you want now, i hope it works out for you.

Ulls x

Margie from Toronto said...

You are certainly making amazing progress! But I do hope you can find some space for a few of your hobbies!


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