Monday, 29 May 2017

Do coat hangers breed?

I decided to vary things a bit in my decluttering, so once CHS had sorted his clothes I gathered up all the coat hangers in the house, the plastic shop ones went to a friend who does a lot of fete's and fayres.
The wooden and padded ones are ready to go to the boat and the bought plastic ones have gone to DD1, with five children in the house, that means a lot of clothes so they should be useful.


justjill said...

They do breed. I always say I do not want the hangers and yet I have more hangers than clothes despite always shoving some in to the charity bag.

Anonymous said...

You've noticed that too? I thought it was just me.

Joan (Wales)

Hard up Hester said...

And seed trays, hundreds of the biggest, the more I give away, the more I find.

Hard up Hester said...

Buggers, not biggest.