Monday, 1 May 2017

Yellow sticker queen

I popped into our little local Tesco today whilst swapping one grandchild for another.
I went in for milk as we get through a lot especially when the DGC have breakfast with us.
It wasn't the normal time for reductions but I hit lucky.
I got four posh burgers, a salad bowl, a chicken and a packet of bread rolls for under £4.
DGS & CHS had 2 of the burgers in rolls with baked beans for tea, two went in the freezer, I had a hummus salad roll.
I cooked the chicken today and we had a roast dinner, I've made chicken salad rolls for lunch tomorrow and made a chicken and mushroom pie for the freezer.


Sally Fletcher said...

That's a fab YS haul Sue :)

Sally Fletcher said...

That's a fab YS haul Sue :)

galant said...

I didn't know you could return grandchildren to Tesco? Oh, you are funny, Hester!
Margaret P

Marjorie Stintzi said...

You did well


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