Sunday, 21 May 2017

Don't buy a narrowboat

Unless you like dogs and spiders, in abundance!

Today we met Jacob the Dalmatian, Froufrou a French bulldog and Baxter, a very barky Rottweiler, he's friendly but noisy and probably quite terrifying if you are of a nervous disposition. 

Spiders we have in abundance, all small ones so far but I'm expecting larger ones in the autumn!

I managed to sprain my finger this weekend, I don't think it's broken, I tripped over a folding chair as I climbed into the cratch. As we don't want the chair I took it and another identical one round to the marina office. There is an area where people can leave things they no longer need, other boaters can then take anything they want. The 2 chairs had gone within half an hour as had some plastic plates that we didn't want.


Anonymous said...

Hester I am so enjoying reading about your "Adventures on a Narrow Boat", I feel there is a short story to be told.

We have a kitchen diner, and I decided we needed a smaller table, so Himself dismantled the old one, which was an Ikea round table, very nice, but too big for us, and started to assemble the new one.

I put the old one by the front gate with a note saying "free to good home" and watched. Within 5 minutes it had gone, taken by 2 ladies who had been walking down the road.

Marie x

Rhea said...

Welcome to spider heaven! They do say that spiders don't like conkers, and if you put them around your boat you won't get spiders. I haven't tried that yet.

Jake's a Girl said...

I heard spiders don't like lemon oil. Going to try that in the garage as they tend to make tons of webs in the corners of the ceiling.
Rhea...What are conkers?

galant said...

What's the cratch? This non-boaty has no idea!
Hope your finger will be less painful sooner rather than later.
Spiders get rid of other nastier insects.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

Conkers are horse chestnuts.
I don't mind spiders, even big ones.
The cratch is the flat bit at the pointy end of the boat, ours is big enough to hold a picnic table and chairs, I'm hoping to turn it into a sort of conservatory.
Marie, I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.

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