Sunday, 9 March 2014


I checked the fridge this morning & there are 7 or 8 mushrooms that are past their best, I have loads of onions in there too so I got a piece of shin of beef from the freezer & I shall make a beef & mushroom casserole for tomorrow, it will be served with mash, carrots & peas, it will be enough for 2 days I expect so I will serve it again on Thursday but add some curry powder to it & serve it with rice & mango chutney.
Today we will have a roast dinner, with pork for the L&M, I'll just have the 'go withs'. 
I have a large piece of smoked haddock in the freezer, I shall defrost it & cut it into 3, my L&M & I will have smoked haddok with poached egg on Wednesday, the remaining third will be added to some coley & made in to a fish pie.

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Pam said...

That is just how I like to plan the weeks meals, I like to start the week with all fresh things in the fridge. If I can't empty it by Saturday then it is made into meals and frozen. I have an order being delivered from Asda on Monday, Wisbech town is a nightmare for traffic because of road works and the main road in has long delays as well so rather than sit and burn petrol in a queue I am having it delivered. The coffee that I use is on less than half price and the saving on 1 jar will cover delivery. win win.