Saturday, 1 March 2014

Giggles & laughter

My darling L&M & my gorgeous granddaughter Norah are sat cuddled up on the sofa in fits of laughter watching Tom & Jerry. It's a very old one where Tom is a concert pianist trying to play a piece of music despite all of Jerry's shenanigans. It's lovely to see them enjoying the cartoon together after a hard days gardening.


wannabe sybil said...

I love that one, if it's the one I think it won an Oscar and I have forced bear to watch it on YouTube (off to watch it again on YouTube because it rocks, also Morecambe & Wise with Andre Previn) WS xxx

frugal freesia said...

Ah bless. We all love watching Tom and Jerry here too.

Another bone of contention

This time about the parking spaces. There are enough for everybody but some people think they are entitled to park at the end of the jetty ...