Sunday, 16 March 2014


I am making these for the new grandchildren that are due later this year. I am making a few extra in the hope of selling a few, I have 2 orders from work colleagues already. 
They are fleece on one side & poly-cotton on the reverse, I have pale blue fleece with farm animals on, pale pink with paw prints on & black with rockets & astronauts on

I have 10 of them cut out, I only have enough ribbon to finish 6 & I had hoped to finish those 6 today but there was an alarm ringing at work! So I had to drive my L&M to work to reset the alarm, it took a couple of hours to contact the relevant people, search the relevant areas, press the relevant buttons in the relevant order and then wait to see if the reset had worked. By the time we got home our tea had gone cold so I made fresh & then we sat & watched an episode of Lewis that I recorded a while ago. Now all I want is my bed & finishing the taggies can wait until tomorrow.


Pam said...

What a good idea, I used to sew satin ribbon onto flannels. Isn't it funny how babies and toddlers love the feel of satin.

Retro Wren said...

Lovely tag gives, that will be used and loved.

Your cold frame is fantastic Your L & M Has done a brilliant job,

Have a good week lovely lady.

lee woo said...

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