Sunday, 23 March 2014

Garden pics 23rd March

The hanging baskets are flowering nicely

Cabbage & Lettuce




Tomato plants

Under the 'Cold Frame'


Kearnygirl said...

Hi Do you live in England? I can't believe that you can already plant veggies and have those beautiful flowers hanging outside! I live in Northeast US (NJ)and the ground here is still frozen and we still have piles of snow! The weather report says we are expecting a storm (again!) on Tuesday and it might include more snow. They're not sure right now. Nevertheless, you are so lucky to be able to have your plants ready and have some colorful flowers around. Thanks for showing your veggie plants and how great they are growing.

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto
I am so envious - it was -16C today with a biting cold wind! No lovely flowers for us for at least another month!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful primroses - I love the bright colours xxx
Hope you have as good as possible day at work xx
Finding your comment moderation incredible difficult to decipher x

Anonymous said...

Sorry last post re comment moderation from Molly xxx

Carol said...

Wow! look at all that already and I've not planted one seed yet. Primroses look beautiful

Retro Wren said...

Goodness, your tomato and cabbage plants are way ahead of mine!
Lovely pictures.

Your taggies are cool! Hope they all sell!

Take care dear lady.
Rw x


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