Monday, 31 March 2014

Saving time & money

Yesterday I saved time & money in the kitchen, I always try to make extra meals on a Sunday, it make for an easier evening when some meals are part prepared ahead of time & it saves money on fuel if the oven is filled to capacity when it is on. 
Whilst cooking lamb shanks for lunch I filled the oven by cooking a beef & mushroom casserole, some liver & onion & a batch of chocolate chip cookies at the same time. 
Tonight we had peppered steak, mushroom, chips & peas. Tomorrow I'll cook triple quantity of potatoes, cabbage & carrots & we'll eat liver,bacon & onion with mash & veg. Wednesday we'll eat the casserole with mash & veg, Thursday the rest of the mash & cabbage will be turned into bubble & squeak & I'll grill some sausages to go with it.


frugal freesia said...

I always try to fill the oven and batch cook, it's such a saving.

Linda Metcalf said...

I also try to do several meals at once even baking a cake, loaf or cookies with one meal saves!

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