Sunday, 16 March 2014

Money in, money out

I've sold 3 more items on eBay & made £20, my exhaust has been repaired for a cost of £99. Why is it some much harder to earn extra money than it is to spend it!
My L&M has been in the garden all day, he was at work yesterday so had to do 2 days worth of garden chores in one day.
I took my DGD's to the park for a couple of hours yesterday, they are still taking about it today as there is a zipwire in one of the parks near here & they love it.
My pension payments will start in August, £139 a week, anything left after the taxman has had his share will be paid of the mortgage.

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Pam said...

You don't pay tax on your pension, you pay tax on every penny that you earn but national Insurance stops so it just about evens things out. Hopefully you will see your mortgage melt away.

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