Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'm knucking fackered

My darling granddaughter Norah has just been collected by her Mum Lizzie, Norah has been here since yesterday after gym club, my beloved L&M has gone out for a drink with a friend, he left 2 hours earlier than he needed to. I think he'd had enough of being a spy on a secret mission, crawling round the floor looking for hidden magic stones! Norah & I went to the sorting office to collect a lamp I'd ordered, went to the service station to put petrol in the car, went to the supermarket to buy bread & Kinder eggs, we hung washing on the line, we did jigsaw puzzles, read stories, wrote letters, did drawing & colouring, fed the fish, we did some sewing to make bedding for some dollies, found a hat and scarf for Norah in case it snows next week & made cress heads. Tomorrow my L&M & I are collecting DGS Neal & taking him to the garden centre & to look at the tropical fish.


catherine said...

You're a brilliant Nana, I don't know how you do it! X

dreamer said...

Sounds like a day of good fun to me :)

Anonymous said...

That is going to be my new phrase!