Monday, 8 May 2017


I've cancelled the direct debit for the gas and electric, I'm in credit so there should be a refund winging it's way into the account in June.
I still need to cancel the BT and water rates, hopefully the bank account will look a little healthier next month.
I've filled yet more bags for the CS and the bin.
The roof of the boat has had it's final coat and looks great.
The weather was lovely on Sunday so I took some photo's, all I need to do now is find the camera lead and I'll be able to post them on my blog!

Shiny new roof.

1 comment:

Rambler said...

Ooohhh a change of colour, too; it looks beautifully shiny.
And you've just reminded me to search for the cable to download my recent photos from my old phone > > > > >


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