Monday, 8 May 2017


I have just purchased 10 pairs of knickers for my 9yo DGD, she swears there are no knickers in her size at her house and that she is wearing her little sisters knickers that are too small.
She assures me she has asked Daddy (who does the shopping) to buy her some and he's refused.
I don't believe for one minute he won't buy her knickers and I'm assuming that her either doesn't know there are none in her size or that there are some and she doesn't like the colour/pattern/style.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, personally I would say the last one. My grand-daughter aged 6 will not wear anything if there is pink on it.

Joan (Wales)

I've still got it.

But I'm not sure I still want it! I was walking away from the boat taking rubbish to the boaters bins when a man said hello to me, I r...