Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Doing what we can

DGS is settling well at secondary school, I'm lending a hand where I can.

He wants to do a couple of after school activities, mainly rugby.

Unfortunately training finishes at 4:30, at 4:30 his mum & dad are mid car/kids swap 3 miles from home.

Dad works 7:30 until 4, mum works 5 until 10. Mum drives to dad's place of work at 4, dad takes the kids an walks them home, mum drives on to work.

This will continue until they can afford another car, I can't help as I can't get all of them in my car. 

So I help by doing the after school runs.

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Life at Number 38 said...

School pick ups and drop offs are worth their weight in gold to working parents. I don't know where we'd have been in the past without Marks's mum and dad helping us out with this. xx

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