Saturday, 19 September 2015

Twins & pets

Today we looked after the twins, they are great fun, both walking, she more steadily than he. She eats her food, he prefers to swim in his. They both love watching the fish, opening & shutting their mouths in time with the fish. They both make lots of animal noises when looking at their animal picture book. Neither of them made a fuss when Mum & Dad left, mind you, the toy box may have helped there.

After the twins left, I made hubby a fully loaded burger in a bun, we watched the Singapore GP Qually and then I went to DS's house to feed the cats.

One of them was peeping round the top of the stairs when I arrived, she came downstairs almost immediately. I sat on the sofa and she climbed on my knee & had lots of strokes and cuddle.
She is a Thai Blue Point, very beautiful and very affectionate.

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