Friday, 11 September 2015

TFI Friday

Things are calming down at work, the first 2 weeks are always hell on wheels. There are always a few things not done correctly that have a massive knock on effect of everyone's working day.

I got up just after 5 this morning as it was forecast to be dry and sunny today, I set a load of washing going and hung it on the line before I left for work. When I got home the washing was dry, it is now folded and put away. The weather is meant to be wet and cold tomorrow.

I took DGD Eileen to her dance class this afternoon, took her home at 5 o'clock & collected DGD Norah, she came home with me, had dinner and now she's fast asleep in bed.

Tomorrow I will take my L&M to work, pick DD up from her house, drop her at work, then DGD & I will do some baking & sewing before taking her home in time for lunch.

I held my launch party earlier this week, I took orders of around £300 so I'm very pleased with that.

I have some more parties booked and a couple of events, I'm not looking to make a fortune but every little helps.

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