Wednesday, 3 August 2016

And breathe

As I have been wittering on for ages about it, I'm sure you all know our house is being prepared for selling.

To this end I have decluttered all my craft stuff, pruned the kitchen cupboards, my wardrobe and all the books and ornaments, I have also got rid of lots of furniture.

There is some decorating that needs doing and I'm happy to pay for the decorating to be done if my L&M doesn't feel up to it.

The hall, stairs and landing WALLS need painting, 10 years of careless lodgers and messy grandchildren has really taken it's toll.

As I'm not at work for a few weeks I've spent my time washing down all the woodwork, and scraping the paint off the glass panels in two of the downstairs doors. I found that the woodwork was all in good condition and didn't need painting.

My beloved decided he would do the work himself and to this end he sent me out to buy a specific kind of roller, I couldn't find said roller, I tried Wickes, B&M, B&Q, Selco & Screwfix.

Yesterday I took him to Wickes where he immediately pick up a completely different roller saying 'I told you they sold them'!

He swears black's blue that he gave me the correct information and I know damned well he didn't but I bit my tongue and kept quiet.

When we got home I started to prepare our evening meal and he started ferrying stuff upstairs. After a while I went upstairs to tell him what time we would be eating and I found him painting the fecking bathroom door!

So now all the woodwork needs painting as the door he has painted makes all the others look grubby, my L&M is of course complaining about all the work now needed.


TrishWish said...

Husbands! Its amazing how just some cleaning and some touching up will brighten the place.

Lily said...

Is your woodwork already painted and you need to REpaint? Or are you painting stained/natural wood because you think it would look nicer? I ask because when we were selling our house, I was introduced to Old English Scratch Cover.
It comes in a few different shades (I used medium) and I used this stuff on ALL of our wood surfaces. It made everything look brand new! And it's so easy to use! Just apply to a rag (I used old cotton socks) and wipe on. It doesn't take much at all. This saved me so much time and money! I can't imagine how much money I would have had to spend on paint!
Just a thought! :-)
Anyway, best of luck to you! You seem like such an awesome woman! :-)

Margie from Toronto said...

You have the patience of a saint! If it's any consolation I hear the same sort of stories all the time from the women I work with! They truly are another species.

Hard up Hester said...

Lilly, I don't think that is available in the UK.

One of the reasons I'm so cross is because he's given himself so much extra and unnecessary work, and we don't have a lot of time to get it done.

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