Saturday, 27 August 2016


I've never really understood the current passion for selfies, I have two very pretty work colleagues and both their facebook pages are filled with hundreds and hundreds of selfies followed by loads of comments from friends saying how beautiful they look.

I also know plenty of unattractive people and they also feel the need to post lots of selfies.

I understand family photos, holiday photos, weather photos etc.

It's the countless 'Here's me looking to the left', 'here's me looking to the right', 'here's me drunk and here's me sober' photos I don't understand.

Maybe I'm just jealous, as there is no way I'm inflicting my face on an unsuspecting public


Jan said...

I get tired of seeing them and I too wouldn't post a selfie in a million years! Bad enough I have to look in the mirror everyday! ;-)

Mac n' Janet said...

Amen to that! I hate having my photo taken and never do it voluntarily.

galant said...

Well said! I don't have a modern smart phone on which to take selfies. It's a silly modern fad, something will come along in time to replace it ... equally silly, of course!
Margaret P

Linda Metcalf said...

Ditto....all those pucker lipped morons give me a pain...but then I hate to have my picture taken anyway

homefire said...

I hear you! Why on earth would I think posting selfies daily would interest anyone...I already know how I look and so do my family and friends :) Hester, you are always such a breath of fresh air!

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