Friday, 12 August 2016

It's all the little things too

I read a post recently from someone bewailing their hard life because a bottle of ketchup had split in her shopping bag and made a mess.

I did think 'Oh if only that was my biggest problem at the moment'.

But it is sometimes the little things that add up.

I have had some successes this week.

Firstly I have finally finished applying for a tax rebate for hubby, it's taken me days to do it but is finally finished, hooray.

Secondly I have received an email telling me the £300 parking fine I received has been dropped. It was for the time we spent in the hotel when we went to the boat show. The parking/hotel register system failed so it appeared to the parking company that we weren't staying in the hotel where we parked. This has taken 8 weeks to sort out.

Thirdly, further conversation with hubby's friend has cleared up the situation somewhat. The friend has Plan A and Plan B in place for his future. All he now needs from us it seems is a place to stay between his wife's death and her funeral. This we can manage easily. So a sigh of relief from me.

Hubby is taking things badly, the death of someone he has known since he was a teen and who is a few years younger than him has hit him hard.


Linda Metcalf said...

A bit better news. Except for the anticipated death. Ups and and downs.

jacqui heeley said...

I'm glad a few things have been sorted, things hopefully can only get better as they say! There is nothing more to question your mortality than someone close of a similar age passing away,it's a pretty grim feeling, unfortunately the older you get the more it happens,life's a bitch sometimes, keep well x


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