Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mother in law

My first Mother-in-law was a malicious, spiteful, old besom.
There was nothing personal in her spite, it was just a form of entertainment to her.
She loved her siblings but had very little contact with them as she constantly caused trouble in their marriages.
She also caused trouble between her sons and their wives.
She told my husband that our firstborn could not possibly be his child as he has blue eyes.
She told my ex husbands 2nd wife that he'd never love her as much he had loved me.
She is now in a home, she hates it but neither of her daughters-in-law will take care of her and only one of her sons visits her.
She has breast cancer and dementia, she cannot tell her arse from her elbow.
But she still causes trouble at every available opportunity.
She claims to sit in her room alone every day, when in fact she joins with everything going.
She claims to have no visitors ever when in fact her grandchildren visit her regularly.

My 2nd mother-in-law was an amazing woman, kind, loving and is sadly missed.


Wean said...

I think we all know some people like that. I wonder what makes them that way ?

Andie said...

I also have known people like that. I think it is a form of mental illness caused by lack of insight and a low intelligence. These people are often very crafty and work out what hurts and maims, and use that knowledge in a devastating manner. Most self seeking attention seekers behave in this manner and seem to enjoy a queer satisfaction in seeing the wreckage they leave behind. They are usually liars and manipulators. Thank goodness we can usually see through them. Love Andie xxx

galant said...

It makes you wonder whether someone like that is mentally retarded, doesn't it? There is something wrong with someone who enjoys inflicting so much anguish on others. Fortunately, I've not met anyone like that and my own dear mother in law was a very kind lady.
Margaret P

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