Saturday, 6 August 2016

Odds and Sods

I've cleared a cupboard that was full of my L&M's bits and pieces and scrubbed the front of the kitchen floor cupboards.

Then I needed a rest, so I sat and emptied the penny jar and bagged up the money in to bags ready to bank, £31, the Nationwide is the only place that will take it,  neither of my banks will. Bloody cheek I think when I want to pay it into an account.

My bunch of keys is getting bigger, I already have my house and car keys also my work keys.
I have the keys to 3 of my children's houses too, then I added the keys belonging to the colleague who's cats I'm feeding and garden I'm watering. Then my neighbour came round and I added her keys to the bunch, I need to move her post as she has a glass door and water her pots in her back garden.

I'm did a cooked breakfast at 6 this morning after which my L&M started painting, he has done all the doors and architrave upstairs (some for the third time as he couldn't decide which shade of white was best!) He's stopped for a cuppa and I will cook pork belly for his tea at about 5 o'clock.

This evening I will start on the paperwork, we have reams of it, most of it is my L&M's he never knows what to keep, I will be ruthless.


Margie from Toronto said...

I spent the day with a friend who has just moved into her new condo helping her to organize things a bit. She freely admits to not being terribly organized while I am so she had asked for help. We got through a lot but it was exhausting and I've left her to get rid of a ton of paperwork - it just never seems to go away and she swears she got rid of a ton of stuff before the move!
You are a wise woman to get rid of so many items now before your upcoming move. It never seems to be the big items, it's all the bits and pieces that trip us up.

Jenny at Red House said...

I use all my saved up change at the self service machines at the supermarket and save the corresponding money in notes, it works well for me although any family member with me starts sidling off as soon as I start piling the change in, ha ha, it doesn't pay to be too proud does it?

Linda Metcalf said...

we did a two gallon glass jug with pennies...took a while but when it was filled it was $235 . we've started again :)

galant said...

If you change your blog title it could be Keeper of the Keys!
I have a wonderful image in my mind of you shinning over the gate!
Margaret P

TrishWish said...

do you walk with a slant towards your keys pocket? Must be heavy! I hate paperwork. I am sure we have done any filing of actual paperwork for a year! Good job most business is on line and we use a home accounting package to keep track of our lives!

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