Saturday, 27 August 2016


A pigeon had the temerity to land in my garden this afternoon to which the dog took great exception.
She tore out into the garden and I think it was touch and go whether the rather fat pigeon would manage to take off in time and escape.
It did, but only because it only managed to get as far as the top of the compost bin. As the dog is a Jack Russell cross she couldn't reach it and the pigeon was then able to make it on to the fence and away.

The pigeon wasn't the only one to get a fright today.
I was driving home after collecting my L&M from work when a jogger suddenly ran out from behind a parked van. I slammed on the brakes and managed to stop in time, she did apologise, she was wearing headphones so hadn't heard me coming.


TrishWish said...

What a stupid twat! I hate it when people do that! What have they got on the headphones that came beat birdsong?

galant said...

Headphones are a menace. One of our posties wears them. I sometimes try and waylay him at the back door to save him going around to the front, where he has to go up steps (the house is on sloping land, you understand; back door on the level, down hill and then around a corner and up the steps at the front) but he seldom hears, so plugged-in is he, listening to goodness knows what, totally oblivious or what's going on around him. And he's actually at work, for goodness sake, not out for a stroll in the park.
On a similar level, I know that there is controversy regarding use of hands-free phones in cars, especially after a crash when a coach driver was on his hands-fee mobile for about 20 minutes during which he crashed his coach and two female passengers died. But anything other than driving (for the driver, I mean) is a distraction: a too-chatty passenger, children fighting in the back, loud music playing so you can't hear police/ambulance/fire sirens, lighting cigarettes ... how long before all these things are banned? I'd be happy to see loud music banned. How often can he hear the thump thump of a bass while we are in a traffic queue, and often when there's a poor child in the car, too, having it's ear drums blasted. But how can you legislate for stupidity? It's a tough ask!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - Honestly - between idiots with their headphones or cell phones - and now the Pokemon Go twits - it's very scary out there! What if someone had then crashed in to you after you had to break so suddenly! At least she apologized - half the time you get told to F*#k Off if you dare to say anything!

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