Thursday, 25 August 2016


The rat man has been to DD2's it's costing an arm and a leg, money she can ill afford so my L&M is paying.
DD is away for a week so we are hoping she can come back to a rat free home, although the continuing disruption from next door isn't helping.
Hopefully they are putting poison down too, they are currently on their 3rd large skip and at least one upstairs window can now be opened.


TrishWish said...

Horror. It would be my worst nightmare. I cannot understand hoarders but I watch those programmes with a sick horror.

Sol said...

Call the environmental health department at the council. We had wasps, it was a lot cheaper to use them than a standard company. They came very swiftly. If the rats are due to the neighbours, could they be made to pay? Or if the environmental helath come out they could say if it is due to drainage pipes? Worth a thought. I hope they are all gone soon. I am bad enough with spiders.

Hard up Hester said...

Sol, DD phoned but they do not work on private property, only public areas, so no help there unfortunately. The neighbours won't pay, the house is being cleared of years of crap by the owners family.

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