Friday, 19 August 2016

Early Start

We had two of the DGD to stay last night, it always cheers my L&M up to spend time with them,
Mind you I could have done without them waking up at 4:30! Still it was 6 by the time we were all washed,  dressed and breakfasted. We will make cakes in a minute for them to take home with them.

I mislaid their dog for an hour last night and I assumed that she had snuck upstairs the be with the girls, I know she often sleeps on Norah's bed until DD catches her and sends her downstairs. When I'd finished clearing up I went to find her and she was on my bed beside hubby who was reading  aloud to her from his Kindle. This is the man who say's dogs aren't aloud on the furniture.

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Linda Metcalf said...

Just an old softie?

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