Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fecking Morons

Yesterday I was surrounded by fecking morons, from the one who bid on one of my ebay items,  and then read the description. So emailed me to demand I cancelled his bid because if he cancelled it, it would 'affect his standing within the ebay community'. I assume this translates into I don't know how to cancel my bid.
Next I get an email asking me to deliver an item that is marked Collection Only, I am willing to deliver within a 10 mile radius, where does he live? 96 fecking miles away!
Finally, last night, the dog kept barking, this is unusual for her, she barked at the binmen on Tuesday but hasn't barked since. I went out in to the garden and realised the local trollop and trouble maker, Mo was running a stick along my back fence. No doubt so she can ring the council and complain about the dog barking. This is the same silly cow who put a note on a neighbours car and signed it in my name etc.
I called the dog in and kept her in until Mo got bored. What she doesn't know  is that it isn't my dog and by the time the council get round to contacting me the dog will have gone home.


galant said...

Mo sounds totally off the wall! Who, but a child or a moron, would run a stick along a fence, regardless of an ulterior motive (to make your dog bark)?
I've not bought or sold anything on eBay. I'd not know where to begin.
Margaret P

kate steeper said...

you always cheer me up with the normality of life , we to have a strange neighbour and have also had tons of fun with numpty buyers on ebay , one of my favourites was the lady who bought a perfectly working 1890s sewing machine from me which i delivered and i did ask if she knew how too use it ,by the time i got home she had sent me a really abusive email for selling her something that had seized up , i was very polite when telling her to undo the travel clip with the big label saying undo here on it . Never heard from her again

Margie from Toronto said...

Sometimes you think it must be a full moon each and every day! Have you got a video camera that you could use against the crazy neighbour?

cumbrian said...

Aren't people wonderful?

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