Sunday, 18 September 2016

A day out

DD and I had a lovely day yesterday, I made a picnic lunch and used the picnic basket DD gave me a few years ago. It looked very pretentious but in fact was just an easy way to ensure there was enough cutlery and crockery for us.

We went to a workshop aimed at increasing our spiritual awareness. I sometimes feel that all the rushing about I do leave very little time for me, especially the inner me.

It can't be helped it is just how life is at the moment, and I always happy to help with the family and grandchildren.

I just felt that a day of me time was needed, I could have booked a spa day, but round here they are incredibly expensive and as I don't like people touching me, any treatments would be wasted.

The two people running the day were both people that my DD had nannied for in the past but as I'd booked the day in my name they were surprised to see her. There was a lot of catching up to do, DD keeps in contact with all her charges, but not usually with the parents.

As we were the first to arrive we helped in the kitchen, making drinks and setting out the breakfasts. When we broke for lunch we shared our lunch with some of the other people because, as usual, I had over catered!

The day was very interesting but I found the meditation quite difficult as I kept falling asleep.
It must have done me good though I got home around 6, cooked a meal and by 7 I was  asleep  on the sofa at 9 my L&M woke me up and sent me to bed. Once in bed I then slept until 6:30 when I made tea, with just one loo break. I went back to bed with a cuppa and slept through until 9:30 this morning.


crafty cat corner said...

Just thought it might be worth a mention that we have been trying out Jin Shin Jyutsu, its basically holding fingers and we find that it works. There is quite a lot on youtube if you fancy taking a look.

markdebby said...

So glad you had such a good day and an even better sleep

Sheila said...

I love a nice picnic basket but the trouble is there never seems to be enough room for everything so we end up with cool bags and lord knows what else to go with
So glad you enjoyed your day and it helped you to sleep-x-

Anonymous said...

Glad you did something for yourself today. I also don't like spa treatments except for a pedicure-I love those. I have been practising mindfullness for a few years and it helps my stress levels to go down. Catriona

Margie from Toronto said...

So glad to hear that you did something for yourself and had a lovely day with your daughter! Just goes to show how much good it does us all to have a lovely, relaxing day like that and I hope all that sleep will do you in good stead for your no doubt busy week ahead.

Linda Metcalf said...

A good "me" day and much needed and deserved. Sounds as tho you are rested and then it's back to the hustle and bustle. Take care of you!

galant said...

So glad you had a lovely and rewarding day. Anything that aids restful sleep is good (apart from an over-indulgence in alcohol, har, har!) We all need 'me' time sometimes.
Margaret P

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