Sunday, 4 September 2016


My Ebay sales are chugging along, the Fifty Shades effect is still working.
Funny isn't it, some people are very slow to pay and some are whinging already.
The purchaser's of my bondage gear pay very promptly.
I just hope they have hours of fun with the toys they have bought.
I still have another dozen or so items to list.


annie b said...

I am incredulous that someone wants to buy someone else's sex toys bleurghhhhhhh

Sorry to hear that you are having to work longer than you thought. Do you have to stay in the job you are in or could you work in a less stressful environment? Also Hanover housing association do rental flats for the retirement market all over the country. Would this be better for you than the worry of maintaining a property into older age? You can put your name down for one that you are interested in. Just a thought.

Hard up Hester said...

The items I'm selling aren't really sex toys, they are handcuff, chains, face masks etc.
I don't think there is much chance of me changing jobs, I'll just have to sit this one out.

chris west said...

Lol it is surprising how ebayers vary.One of my friends rushes out to post her sold items as soon as she receives payment. Probably costs her more in petrol than she gets for the sale ��


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