Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Today my RAOK was not to kill anyone, and it was a pretty close run thing at times.

I was up during the night with an attack of diverticulitis, the sort where the bottom drops out of my world, only the other way around.

After that it was a trip to the Dr's for a fasting blood test, the nurse was running 30 minutes late, always good when it gets to 10 am and I've still not a cuppa. Because of the delay I had plenty of time to watch the big screen in the waiting room.

This lists an assortment of ailments, most of which I had diagnosed myself with after sitting there so long.

There was also a lot about mouth cancer and the need to avoid oral sex. I'm glad I wasn't there with a child, I could envisage many an entertaining conversation explaining that one.

There was a radio playing in the waiting room, 3 people playing games on their phones with all the associated beeps and screeching, there was also and an elderly lady with a continuous cough, I took my hearing aids out eventually as the noise level became too much.

All this added to my already raised stress levels, my L&M is still not well, changes are being made to his job whilst he's off sick, so I have raised this with HR as this is not allowed.

We are still trying to see our way forward financially so lots of juggling going on there.

I'd really like to find time to do some meditation, but every time I sit down and try, my beloved comes trotting in to ask if I'm ok, what I'm doing and if I'm annoyed with him!


Lyssa Medana said...

Hugs x

Sheila said...

I think I might need to go to Specsavers....I read your post title as My Rack and I thought o'er
Sending you some hugs-x-

galant said...

You have made me laugh because your experience in the waiting room must be echoed thousands of times around the country! All those awful notices on the big screen, all the people playing games on smart phones (if they can do this are they actually ill?) and people coughing who would've been better off at home in bed with a hot water bottle and some cough linctus. No, it won't cure the cough but it will make you drowsy and if you fall asleep you tend not to cough quite as much.
But I loved reading this, Hester .... you should be a script writer!
Margaret P

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