Sunday, 4 September 2016

The lost trousers

My beloved L&M went out with friends yesterday, he announced on Wednesday that he couldn't find the trousers he wanted to wear.

He has 3 or 4 pairs but of course he NEEDED the one pair I couldn't find.

I hunted high and low to no avail, so on Friday I washed another similar pair and put them over the radiator to dry.

The trousers he needed turned up eventually in the study (black trousers on a black chair with a black backpack on top of them).

In the interim I washed another similar pair and hung them over the radiator.

My L&M, despite being told a) these were not the ones he was looking for and b) they were still wet, pulls them off the radiator with a huge flourish and manages to knock a wedding photo that was hung above the radiator, down behind the radiator!

It's a photo from our wedding transferred on to canvas.

Can we get it out?

Can we heck as like! I love that photo, I will fecking swing for him one day!    


galant said...

It sounds, Hester, like a Laurel & Hardy comedy if it wasn't so annoying to not be able to reach the picture of your wedding! Men, don't you just love 'em! Why can't they find things when they pretend to 'look' for them? They don't really have the ability to look, they just 'gaze'. It makes me wonder why the police employ so many men when most men can't even locate their car keys or reading glasses! But at least he was being prepared for his evening out, not demanding clean trousers half an hour before he sets off, as some might do.
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

It always brings Roseanne to mind (the American sitcom): "a uterus isn't a tracking device"!


Hard up Hester said...

I don't remember that from Roseanne, but it is funny

galant said...

Oh, yes, that's funny, Siebrie!
Margaret P

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