Sunday, 11 September 2016

Interestting viewing

We now have a better idea of what we don't want having looked round a few properties.

One we looked at had obviously been done up to sell, they have done everything my L&M and I have done.
Only as it was such a small place there was hardly any furniture and no storage what so ever. We have minimised our furniture but there is still sufficient for our needs.

There was nowhere to put a table but there was a breakfast bar, great you might think, but no the bar wasn't wide enough to take anything bigger than a tea plate.

It looked stunning and the people before us and after us, we were in a sort of queue,  both couples were upset be me saying how stunning it looked. They both immediately asked if we were in a position to move and were relieved when we said no, that we were just getting a feel for what is available in our price range.
I checked this morning and the property is under offer!


kelley said...

house hunting is quite they eye opener...once I went through a 9 room house and every room had horrible floral wallpaper...another had 3" of water in the basement...and it hadn't rained recently...but when you walk into the place that calls to you it's worth all the crap...

annie b said...

That is one of the problems with downsizing the lack of storage space. We are desperately trying to find a 2 bed so that we at least have a room for storing clothes, the hoover, ironing board, exercise bike etc. At present these are all crammed into our bedroom. All my and hubby's clothes and shoes are in plastic boxes on wheels (5 full) the rest are in 2 wardrobes plus I also have huge chest of drawers and plastic 5 drawer unit. We have to be disciplined and ultra tidy to fit us all in.

The only plus is that we were grateful to be offered this as we were escaping an horrendous situation with a nightmare neighbour. The charity shops had a field day as they had most of the contents of our home as nothing would fit in.

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