Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cracking under the strain

Plans are still ongoing, not saying much as I don't want to jinx things.

My L&M is beginning to crack under the strain of stupid decisions being made at work, I'm hoping to persuade him to take a few days off.

As a trial run for when things get really tight, for the next year, I'm allowing myself  £10 a week for spends, this has to cover my writers circle it costs £3 a visit, any treats for the DGC and if I treat my self to lunch at work. I can get soup and freshly made bread £1.40.

I'm growing my hair, so no more money for hairdressers, no more hair dye, I'll go grey.

Food spends are limited to £30 a week for 2 of us, breakfast, lunch and dinner, easy to do at the moment as the cupboards are full and so is the freezer. I spent £46 at the butchers yesterday, so there is chicken, liver, lamb shanks, minced beef, pork chops, sausagemeat and lots of bacon in the freezer now. I also have 5 packs of fish in there so fish pie is on the menu.


Janipi P said...

Here's hoping the plans are going well and there is good news soon x

chris west said...

Keeping everything crossed that your plans fall into place x

TrishWish said...

I gave up on the hair dye and went grey some time ago. It is a lot cheaper. AND that slight discolouring on my white pillowcases has stopped! Never went to bed with wet hair but it still came off.

crafty cat corner said...

Good luck with growing the hair. I decided like you to grow mine and several times along the way it nearly came off, you have to persevere and keep going, its worth it once you get through the bitty stage.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with whatever you decide. My saving as soon as I retred was to give up disposable contact lenses and wear my specs when needed. Also don't have my hair cut as often and have only a fraction of the clothes I used to own. Catriona


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