Sunday, 11 September 2016

Cheap and cheerful Sunday lunch

When my children were still at home, every Sunday lunch, regardless of what meat was being served, came with Yorkshire puddings, stuffing balls and lots of vegetables. It meant a little bit of meat would stretch a long way.

When I cooked roast chicken I used to cook a packet of sausages as well, it meant there was enough chicken left to make a pie the following day and then the carcase was used to make soup.

This was today's lunch, last week I cooked a half shoulder of lamb that I bought reduced, I took all the meat off the bone once it was cooked and what we didn't eat a I popped into a plastic tub and put it in the freezer.

Today I took it out the freezer and spread it out on a Pyrex  lid, to heat through and crisp up.
I served it with roast potatoes, new potatoes, peas, carrots, cabbage and Yorkshire puddings.
I cooked a lot of extra new potatoes as they were going soft. I shall make some potato salad with some, the rest will be reheated and served with salmon tomorrow.

I had a nectarine afterwards, I don't make puddings as my L&M isn't keen on them.


Margie from Toronto said...

Planned leftovers - the best kind of cooking. I live on my own and tend to batch cook, freeze and repurpose the leftovers - really helps for later in the week when things get so busy! Your lunch looks wonderful.

Lyssa Medana said...

I have given up trying to get DH to eat 'left overs'. But I do heap on lots of veggies every time. x

chris west said...

Made my mouth water ❤️

galant said...

I could eat that now, Hester!
Margaret P


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