Sunday, 25 September 2016

How Much!!!

An email was sent out at work last week, my team's Christmas Do, £64 a head, for a boil in the bag meal in a bloody tent.
Strangely enough I won't be going, I shall be doing Christmas for less than £100.
My L&M will not be buying each other anything and we will not go mad on buying food either.
It will just be a couple of quiet days at home together, maybe a walk to the local lock if it's not too wet.


Margie from Toronto said...

Doesn't really sound like an appealing dinner - especially for that amount of money! Don't blame you for opting out.

I have cut back a lot on Christmas in the past few years - my friends and I have everything we need and would rather spend any funds on doing something together - sometimes a meal out - or a show/film - sometimes just getting together at each other's homes. Much more relaxing and much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some of you folks just take a pay cut? For that price, they would have to give me a whole Christmas dinner for my family to take home.
Some people are clueless as to what goes on in the lives of others. How much will the "secret Santa" gifts be?

Anonymous said...

That's the most ridiculous price I have ever heard for a christmas do! My DH and I will be having a quiet luck/brunch with DD and SIL before they go to visit his family. No presents here either although we are going to a nice hotel for a couple of nights after the day to celebrate 45 years of marriage. The young ones are jetting off somewhere warm but that holds no appeal for us. Catriona

Joy said...

And how many people will be attending this Christmas lunch? At that price I would think there will be many empty seats.

Your Chistmas plans sound wonderful. My lot are all going up to daughter-in-laws family for the usual jamboree. It was here last year and they are meticulous about taking it in turns.
I am fighting a bitter battle to stay here and have a glorious Chistmas on my own doing just what I want to do for the first time in my long life. My family are appalled.

We will see who wins.

£65!!! Whatever are they giving them to eat?

Icey said...
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Icey said...

We've decided to rent a house for 2 nights this year close to the older family in Kent, this means that all 10 of us are in one place and no one set of people are "banished" to a local and very expensive hotel because we physically can't fit everyone in our house. This approach will cost £40 per adult and we get to enjoy Christmas but deliver family home on Boxing Day and then have an afternoon of just our little family before DH goes back to coal face in the emergency services.

£64 is ridiculously expensive and I would turn down that invite too!!

On an unrelated note, is there anyway you would provide me your address so that I can send you some crochet wool that has been lurking in my house for a while but as I just cent "get" crochet I'd prefer it go to someone who will whip up something lovely xx

Rambler said...

I hope the ones who organised this Christmas lunch enjoy their own company - I really don't think there will be many takers at that price.
They seem to have short memories or just don't care that your wages were cut significantly recently.

crafty cat corner said...

Sounds like our kind of Christmas. I actually dread it every year.

Hard up Hester said...

Some of us had a pay cut, I found out recently that some people were moved up a grade which wiped out their pay cut, I wasn't one of them.
I also found out today that everyone has been putting £10 a month in a group savings account to pay for this event.
Joy, Rambler, the event will be rammed it's a huge event that lots of people go to every year.
Joy I hope you get the Christmas you want.
Icey, my email addy is, if you email me I will give you my address.

galant said...

That sounds the perfect Christmas to me!
Margaret P

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